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01443 224398

The Feel Good Factory Llantrisant is the place to go for easy exercise.  I have a condition where all my muscles are permanently taut and I am in constant pain.  The exercises on the chairs and beds are wonderful as they help to relax leg and arm muscles easily.  Every-one is very helpful and there’s plenty of good fun and interesting conversations.  An hour of exercise which will makes all the difference.

A. N


I am a lady with cerebral palsy and I have been attending the feelgood factory since May 2013. I attend with my P.A’s (either Sue or Michele) and I use the facilities three times a week.

My P.A’s assist me in getting on and off the apparatus; once the machines are started I exercise alone.  Since using the machines I am feeling a vast improvement in my well being (the machines do the work!)

There is a great welcoming atmosphere at the feelgood factory and there is always time for a chat.



As an eighty-one year old woman, I find my visits at the feelgood factory very effective as I feel the exercise and therapy on the machines are beneficial to all my aches and pains (numerous as they are!)

However, I must stress the other side of feel good factor and that is the cheerful and relaxed nature with people of all ages coming together to enjoy a good old chat, exchanging ideas, putting the world to rights!  I must not forget the delicious tea and coffee available.

Sally, Alison, Elizabeth and Diana are a tonic in themselves.  As the song says “who could ask for anything more!”

P. L. October 2013


I have been a member since April 2013.  I have arthritis and osteoporosis I have several joint pain, using the beds have helped my flexibility and also controls the pain of my arthritis, which helps me lead a active life style.  I have also noticed an improvement in my shape.  Using the toning beds help me maintain a healthy body.



I have been using the FeelGood Factory for 3 months.  In conjunction with a calorie controlled diet I have lost an incredible 20 and a half inches from all core measurements.  I am toning up and my body shape is changing (for the better!).  With regular measuring and personalised programs I am well on track to achieving my goals.



I am a 47 year old female retired from hairdressing.  I was diagnosed 8 years ago with fibromyalgia and also suffered back problems due to poor posture brought on by many years in the profession mentioned.  I have lived in continual pain and prolonged fatigue in this time trying most avenues of relief e.g. pain killers and antidepressants administered by my GP to relax my muscles with very little effect.  I have also had many physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments which have give me temporary relief but have proved costly.  Build-up of the nasty body toxins and poor circulation plays a big part for me, also another side effect.  Living with the condition seemed a never ending exhausting struggling with mild depression, pain and fatigue.

I recently decided to become more proactive and pursue a more natural approach to dealing with the condition, firstly by adopting a healthier eating plan in order to lose weight as I had put a considerable amount on due to the inability to exercise putting more strain on my muscles, secondly by dealing also with some of the other side effects mentioned of the condition.

The ‘gym’ has always been a daunting word to me, more so now with the chronic muscle pain and stiffness experienced with fibromyalgia.  If I did try the gym I would end up in bed for days and be put off going again as I would over exert myself on the machines available.  I would also feel very intimidated by those with a higher fitness level than myself (a personal thing).  Walking was enjoyable and challenging enough to me but I always felt that it did not work the correct muscles in order to stretch them and help alleviate the stiffness associated with the condition.  Reflectively i am and have been quite an un-energetic exerciser and never liked the word exercise.

When I found the advert for the FeelGood Factory, toning tables based on the Pilates concept, i felt that it would be a suitable way for me to exercise with a passive and safe approach to prevent over exertion and damage to my muscles.  It also appealed to me that it would help with posture problems and poor circulation.  How right I was.  Firstly what attracted me was the concept, secondly and personally for me the convenience of a no up-front yearly joining fee and yearly contractual obligation that most gyms impose, thirdly the suitability of being able to go straight from the factory then about my day, not need to go home shower and change.

My first session was a very enjoyable experience with friendly staff at hand to help and guide me around the tables.  Each session has been enjoyable since with a friendly atmosphere with all those of all ages using the factory giving encouragement to each other along the way.  The tables allow each person to safely increase or stay the same with the resistance levels according to their needs.

I am really astonished by my development and improvement.  Importantly my health has improved in general, I am not so fatigued and my pain intensity had reduced by more than half since joining several weeks ago.  My posture has improved considerably.  Incredibly also my inch loss has accumulated to 15 inches, my BMI has gone from 44 to 28 in this time also helping to support my weight loss.  My body shape has changed completely and I am able to fit into clothes that I have not worn in years.  The other great thing is I have used the factory 5-6 days a previously stated exercising daily was something I never thought possible without over exertion and injury.  I have also used the tables 2-3 times weekly and I still feel great.  My confidence has improved immensely and more importantly I feel in control of my condition and am dealing with it in a more positive way.  The illness now does not define me as it did before or control my lifestyle, how great is that.

Thank you to the FeelGood Factory and to all the staff, a great job you do.  I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time I have my body back in health, the rest of the improvements are a bonus.

Great Work!  E. T.


My husband, Allen, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in December 2014.  He was given excellent treatment by the NHS; was seen by a Consultant, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist & Dietician.  The Physiotherapist gave him a series of exercises to do at home, which he did for a while but gave up through lack of motivation.

Luckily, we heard about The FeelGood Factory in Llantrisant.  Having decided to give it a try we went there & met Sally and her friendly staff, Liz and Alison.  We were given a week’s free use of the machines & personal instructions on how to use them all.

After that initial week, we both joined.  My husband now enjoys using the equipment and feels that after 8 months the exercise has strengthened his muscles and it is a form of gentle exercise that he can do at his own pace & enjoy it.

The atmosphere is friendly, with no pressure and the emphasis is on doing what you are able to do.

We would highly recommend it.

A. & M.  2016


I can speak on behalf of David Williams as his carer.

I wish to state that David thoroughly enjoys attending the FeelGood Factory apart from helping him with his mobility it has helped him with his confidence and has boosted his social skills.  I have noticed since attending he interacts more in conversations with others who attend.  As David is a member of a choir he also gives a song on a regular basis in the FeelGood Factory.

The FeelGood Factory is a unique experience that could benefit for more people.

L.W. C.  2016


I started the FeelGood Factory almost Three years ago.  When i started I had very poor leg movement.  I was on crutches going from one appliance to the other, twelve in all.  I attend three times and my movements are so much better.  This has also given me confidence to do more things with my life.  I have made so many new friends, and we laugh and moan together.  It is nice to know you are not on your own.

The staff are really amazing.  This has been a God send to me.

So thank you The FeelGood Factory.

S.  2016


I have been going to the FeelGood Factory for about 4 months.  It is both enjoyable and beneficial.  The machines tone you up without causing any strain on your muscles.  It is suitable for everybody.  It also gets you to meet people.


I am writing to thank you for all the help and support I have received from you and your staff at the FeelGood Factory.

As you know I have recently had foot surgery and the opportunity to use the equipment under the expert guidance of you and your staff has really helped in my recover.

I have found the atmosphere at the FeelGood Factory to be a very friendly pleasant and happy experience.  I also like the additional therapies too which i have also used and found very beneficial.

To be able to exercise and have other treatments situated in one place must be a godsend, to not just myself but to all other mature men and women wishing to exercise in a relaxed calming manner must be a good thing for all of us hoping to live a fit and healthy life.

So I sincerely hope the FeelGood Factory has many more years ahead of it, and that you are able to have all and any help that is required to keep it going.

Once again, many thanks for the help you’ve given to me to aid my recover.

Kind regards

D.W.   April  2016


Moving to Wales and being retired, I knew it would probably be difficult to meet people, then I saw the advert for the FeelGood Factory, it was the best thing I have ever done.  I phoned up to book an induction and the minute i walked through the door I felt totally at ease.  Sally, who is a huge inspiration to us all and her staff make you feel so welcome, it’s a great atmosphere and everybody who goes are really friendly, so it’s not just a case of using the equipment to make you feel better, it’s also a great place to socialise, and because of this I have met some lovely people.  As you get older it’s sometimes feels uncomfortable to attend a normal gym, so this is the perfect answer.

D.  2016


After completing an Advanced Rehabilitation Programme (strengthening muscles) at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, I was referred to the local Sports Centre to follow a programme called STEPS.

This proved to be too strenuous for someone with back problems and mobility problems and I was forced to give it up.

I felt very concerned that my condition could worsen if I was no longer following an exercise programme to improve building up my muscles to help me have creased mobility.

I was told about the FEELGOOD FACTORY at LLantrisant and that there I could use power assisted exercise equipment and put as much or as little effort into my workout programme to improve my muscles and joints.

I am so very happy that I joined the FeelGood Factory as it has certainly helped my flexibility and the strengthening of my muscles which my Specialist said I needed in order to improve my mobility.

From experience I think that this facility should be used by the Hospital Physio Department as the next step of referral after their Advanced Rehabilitation Programme as it is the easiest workout programme with good results.

G.P.  2016


I have been a member of the FeelGood Factory since 30.09.14.  

Prior to this date I had not been well, I had lost my confidence, however, since becoming a member of this group it has turned my life around.  I started driving again and regained my confidence; I visit the facility usually every week day.

The people within the unit are very friendly and everyone has a good welcome and you make many friends and feel part of the group within a short time.

There is always a FeelGood employee who is able to advise and assist if it is required.

The exercise that this facility offers has improved my mobility.  I feel much better for taking part in the whole experience.

MGT 02.04.2016


My Experience at the FeelGood gym

I have tried the FeelGood gym for the first time and I would recommend it to others as you don’t feel like you’re exercising as its so relaxing.  I have only just found out about it, I found out about it from Jan Purnell who supports Beckie who is also a service user.

I find the machines easy to use than a normal gym as I got a mild cerebral palsy and tunnel vision, so find a normal gym hard and a normal gym makes my right leg and arm painful and I don’t get any pain with the FeelGood gym, staff in the FeelGood gym made me feel welcome and explained the machines to me and helped me use them, I will be returning and i will be joining the FeelGood gym and I will be telling others about it.


To Sally,

I have made you a bracelet to thank you for making me feel welcome at the FeelGood Factory,

From S.  2016


Just a few words to tell you how much I appreciate the FeelGood Factory.

I have been going for 3 months.  It is very relaxing and friendly.  It is nice to meet different people and hear their stories.

The machines tone you up and you can go at your own pace.  They seem to give you that bit of get up and go you need for your everyday life.

Mrs M.H.  2016


I started attending the FeelGood Factory approximately 18 months ago on the recommendation of a friend and was immediately impressed with the warm and friendly atmosphere, so unlike the impersonal waiting rooms at the local hospitals.  The staff were all welcoming and ready to explain the benefits of each machine.  It has worked perfectly for me as I am 80 years of age, suffering from arthritis, and unable to do strenuous exercises.  Following a hip replacement operation 10 months ago, I attended the local hospital for physiotherapy but discovered that I was deriving more benefit from the machines at the FeelGood Factory, and indeed was advised by my physiotherapist that they could do no more for me than the F.G.G. and I would be wise to continue with my membership there.

Not only does the F.G.F. Provide an opportunity for those who are unable to participate in more strenuous activities but it also fulfils a social need as it is an opportunity for people to get out and meet others.  I am certainly glad to have such a facility locally and intend to make full use of it for as long as I can.

B.T.  2016


I very reluctantly joined the FeelGood factory as I was in so much pain from bone & muscle problems that I thought nothing could make me feel better.  I have had numerous sessions with physiotherapists, both under the NHS and privately over a period of 40 years, you name it, I’ve tried it.  However, as a last resort I decided to give the FeelGood Factory a try, not expecting any improvement, much to my surprise I found the machines effortless to use and over time the exercises I take 3 times a week has considerably lessened my pain and anxiety, not only does the exercises help, but the social side has helped enormously.  I have got to know a lot of lovely people.

For two and a half years I have regularly visited the FeelGood Factory and, during this time, my health has gained several benefits from the sessions.

Having suffered from osteoporosis and back pain for many years, I found it difficult to exercise to a degree which would keep up my muscle strength.  However, the toning chairs and beds have enabled me to exercise without straining my back and, according to my chiropractor, have developed my upper body muscles and increased my strength.

Another important benefit which shouldn’t be overlooked is the social interaction with other members.  In other words, the company is good.

This is not a place where I have to dress in lycra and “go for the burn”.  Everything is taken at a gentle rate and everyone works at her/his own speed.  There is no competition and I come from each session feeling invigorated physically and mentally.

Thank you FeelGood Factory.

A.M.   April 2016


We have been coming to the FeelGood Factory for over a year now, as I have a muscle wasting in my legs, a consultant at Rookwood Hospital (Cardiff) recommended the FeelGood Factory to us (there is nowhere like it in Cardiff and its only about fifteen minutes by car) I feel the exercise has helped my walking and fitness.

The machines are easy to use for all ages and ability, but always on hand are Sally, Alison and Liz who couldn’t be more helpful and supportive they are also extremely friendly an easy to talk to about any problem you may have.

The gym itself is a special blace because it brings together all-sorts of people who become friends to socialise with and enjoy a cup of tea and a scone (made by Shelagh), we highly recommend a visit

A & D.C. 2016


I have been going to the FeelGood Factory since October 2015, I am normally a very shy quiet person when I first meet someone, but straight away when I met Sally, Liz and Alison I felt at home and known them for years, they are so welcoming and friendly.

Back in 2002 I had fallen down some stone steps and fractured my hip, it has never been right and quite painful when I have walked a small distance.  I also suffer from a crumbling spine which can be very painful and arthritis in my knees.  Last year in the summer my husband and I like to visit places which involve lots of walking, I didn’t get very far with the pain and my feet started to swell, we had to buy a walking stick, for me that was the end, also I had a frozen shoulder which nothing seemed to cure, so I decided to join the FeelGood Factory, within a couple of months I could walk quite quickly and my frozen shoulder had gone.  My knees and other joints started to improve.

The toning beds and tables are so easy to use, they do the work for you and when you have been on them for a while you can put as much effort as you like into them.

I have made lots of lovely friends at the FeelGood Factory, the staffs are like my little family, I love to go there as often as I can.

They do charity events also there and they have raised so much money, people are so kind and generous.  

The FeelGood Factory is not only a relaxing gym, it also helps people make new friends, helps their mind, body and soul and has saved many from being lonely.  It caters for any age from 18 to 90 plus and any disability.

I also now work at the FeelGood Factory doing Reiki Therapy, they have a room for us to use.  There are three other therapist that go there too.

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for helping me and giving me a new lease of life, and with my therapy I need to stand a long time, so thanks to the FeelGood Factory I can continue my work.

D.T.   April 2016


I have attended The Feel Good Factory for just a few weeks and wanted to share the positive impact it's had on my strength and mobility.

Having had issues with severe back pain, I had been searching for a form of exercise that was low impact. My goal was to strengthen my back through increased mobility and flexibility.

My induction session with Sally was enlightening. The instruction and demonstration of the shapemaster toning chairs and tables was informative and thorough. I attended almost every day of my taster week and experienced less back pain after five days. Moreover, after taking anti inflammatory medication before bed for the last six months, during the second week of membership, I took nil medication.

With, a rapid improvement in strength and mobility, along with the bonus of toning, alongside Sally, Liz and Alison's warm welcome and professionalism, The Feel Good Factory gets a high recommendation from me.

A     June 2016


Dear Sally,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your Gymnasium especially for people with a disability. You and your staff really make them welcome, they don’t feel out of place and your trained staff goes into every detail to show every exercise machine.

If these person’s went to a multi gym they would feel out of place, with the hustle and bustle. With the feelgood factory the elderly and person’s with a disability can take their time and progress at their own pace. The person’s I bring to the feelgood factory really look forward to coming each week.

Keep up the good work, people really admire, what you are giving to them and the community.

K. E.    June 2016


My name is S.D. I have a chronic spine problem, so a normal gym setting doesn’t suit me.  There are also lots of other people like me with disabilities, such as MS, Parkinson’s etc.  Who would like to exercise, but again they find most Gym equipment is not suitable.

Because of this I attend a private gym in Llantrisant called The FeelGood Factory.  The equipment in this gym is electronically power assisted, so it enables me to exercise without strain on my spine. The owner of this Gym is a lady who has MS, and she opened this Gym because she could not find anywhere with suitable equipment to enable her to exercise.  I live in Treorchy, ideally I want to be able to use my local leisure centre.

If the council are planning to extend the gym, would you please consider adding this type of Shape Master Gym equipment for the use by many local people who are disabled.  Also many local elderly people would also benefit from Electronic power assisted exercise equipment.

S.D.  11th May 2016